Retail, retailers, and retailing are all words that get thrown around daily, but today, you shall see them from the eyes of a lender.

Understanding the Three R’s

Retail is the sale of a product or service from a business to its consumers for personal use. A retail transaction is made to handle limited quantities and is sold directly from a single point to the consumer. A retailer, on the other hand, is the business where the products or services are purchased from. However, they don’t manufacture these goods — they purchase them from their manufacturer and sell them to the customer in smaller quantities for profit. Lastly, retailing is a procedure that allows the retailer to receive goods and sell them off to consumers for use. This is a business that investing parties can greatly benefit from.

Why Consider Investing in Retail?

Retail is one such business that guarantees growth in all economic cycles, has relatively low capital intensity, guaranteed transparency, maintains recurring revenue, and supports an adverse selection. Retail real estate also guarantees cyclicality, diversification, opportunities for generating passive income, tangibility, and selection. Investing in retail is also a good way for investors to diversify their portfolios. Are you interested in retail being your next best bet?

But Where Would You Get an Investment From?

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