Fix & Flip Loans in Norfolk County


If you’re looking for ways to fund your home renovation before finally selling your property in Norfolk County, a fix and flip loan is the perfect option for you. This real estate loan is specifically aimed at individuals who want to renovate a property and “fix” it in order to resell it ahead at a significant profit. The loan is usually reserved for individuals who intend to make these repairs and renovations within 12-18 months of loan approval. They’re highly sought by homeowners, investors, and real estate agents who wish to resell property at a higher price than it’d currently sell for.

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While conventional loans and lines of credit may be used for these projects, fix and flip loans are recommended because they’re more flexible. Borrowers have to deal with fewer restrictions, less rigid processes, and more negotiable loan terms. They’re also less risky and provide fast funding. This makes them especially useful for houses facing foreclosure or auctions.

Want to get a fix and flip loan for your property in Norfolk County, Massachusetts? Our team at First Nations Finance LLC can help you do this.

Based in Plymouth, First Nations Finance LLC works with homeowners, property owners, investors, and realtors to help them receive adequate funding for their respective renovation projects. We have 25 years of experience in the industry during which we’ve helped hundreds of borrowers make the necessary fixes to their properties for resale. Our innovative financing solutions and dedicated services have earned us a loyal clientele in Massachusetts over the years.

Not sure what the right financing option is for your project? Our lending experts will guide you through the process. Our team offers several financing solutions including no documentation loans, limited documentation loans, land and renovation loans, fixed loans, and bridge loans. Our loan programs can accommodate loans up to $100M.

First Nations Finance LLC proudly offers flexible lending solutions to help individuals and businesses reach their desired financial goals. We also work with clients with less than ideal credit scores and help them make the most of their circumstances.

Ready to get a fix and flip loan for your property? Our lenders are just a message away! We offer loans pertaining to mega complexes in the US and other countries, fix and flip loans, multi-family loans, mix use buildings, and loans up to $1B.

Get in touch with our team by filling out our contact form or by calling us at 774 402 4457. We look forward to collaborating with you!


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