Office Buildings

An office building is usually segregated into several spaces for conducting different operations. There may be a dedicated meeting space or conference room, storage room for files, work stations, libraries with concentrated floor loads, pantry, and other areas reserved for communication and interaction between employees within the office environment.

Classification of Office Buildings

Office buildings are a type of commercial property. The first step in an office building hunt is deciding how much money you’re willing to spend on commercial real estate. There are three main categories for office buildings:

Class A

This is a conveniently located space in the market that has either been newly developed or recently renovated to display significant improvements. However, the type of office space is customizable — you may choose a traditional, creative, co-working, and flex space.

Class B

This class is slightly lower than class A, but a great alternative for those a little tight on budget. These are generally found in the suburbs but have been downgraded due to deterioration or age.

Class C

Class C buildings are generally recommended for investors looking forward to a challenge for redevelopment as these are available with minimal amenities and have dated. However, because they offer a functional space at a below-market rate, class C office spaces appeal to start-ups and other small and mid-size enterprises as this allows them to allocate their financial resources toward growth instead.

Why Invest in an Office Building?

An office building is a profitable long-term investment as it continues to generate sizeable streams of income over the years. The property also appreciates over time, and tenants stay keen on committing to longer lease terms. Whether you aim for class A, B, or C, an office building is the most profitable of its kind with attractive returns on investment.

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