Fix And Flip

To Flip or to Fix and Flip?

An investor buying a home or a building to sell it at a later time for more significant profits (by selling it for a higher rate than the initial payment) —is known as flipping. This ‘short time’ is usually no greater than 12 months.

To fix and flip is to purchase a property, renovate (or repair) it to add more value, and then sell it to an end-user for profit. Investors are usually able to purchase the property at a discounted rate due to its poor conditions. But to aesthetically update the structure and repair the house to meet the market demand is quite the challenge, as it requires dedication and a steady flow of income.

Either way, the intention is to make more money by timing the real estate market correctly. However, being unable to assess the total amount required for the repair and renovation of the building is one of the most common reasons why fix and flip projects end in failure.

Fix and Flip with First Nations Finance LLC

Financing the house flip is usually what discourages individual investors because it’s becoming harder to secure loans by the day. But what if you could borrow the amount you need today from a private lender on a less-than-ideal credit score? Private lenders can open doors for business owners and investors alike, increasing the likelihood of getting loans approved.

Welcome to First Nations Finance LLC, where we offer you loans that make sense. We are brokers who understand the complexities of flipping — that’s exactly how we always suggest better financial solutions for commercial, residential, mixed-use, and multi-family buildings. With over 30 years of solid experience, we’re private lenders and brokers who can rightly make a world of difference to your portfolio with loans of $100 million. As private lenders, we can speed up the process of financing your fix and slip projects. Unlike conventional lenders, we also work with poor credit scores because we’re just that flexible!

If you’re not sure how to get started, you can get in touch with our lending experts for suggestions regarding bridge loans, fixed loans, limited documentation loans, no-documentation loans, and land and renovation loans. Our clientele is an elite mixture of homeowners, business owners, property owners, and retailers — could you be next?