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Gone are the days when conventional lenders ruled the mortgage industry. While a huge segment of borrowers still prefers approaching banks and other conventional lending institutes for their funding needs, there has been a noticeable shift toward private lending options.

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This is because private lending allows for greater flexibility and personalization. Most conventional lenders have a cap for the number of loans you can apply for in the case of buy-and-hold properties. This limits your ability to expand your portfolio. Moreover, working with conventional lenders is also a long and tedious process. The length of time involved in closing a loan and conducting the underwriting process is significantly longer than it is when you work with private lenders. The long timeline adds inconvenience and delays, making private lending a more viable option.

On the other hand, private lenders tend to expedite the process. Not only do they give borrowers quicker and greater access to other buying opportunities, but also encourage them to take calculated risks that are likely to pay off. Private lenders are also more flexible than conventional lenders and are willing to look past less than ideal financial backgrounds.

Want to get started with private lending? First Nations Finance LLC can help you with this. Located in Plymouth, our private lending firm is a leading lending institution in the United States. We assist clients in multiple counties and states, including the County of San Francisco, CA, and nearby areas. We’ve been in the lending business for over a quarter of a century during which we’ve built an extensive clientele. We mostly work with homeowners, realtors, property owners, and business owners in the area who need adequate funding for their investments or projects.

When you work with our lending experts, you can count on thorough guidance regarding the type of lending solution you should opt for. For instance, we’ll help you decide whether you need bridge loans, fixed loans, land and renovation loans, no documentation loans, or limited documentation loans as per your needs. We also accommodate loans up to $100M.

Ready to get give private lending a shot? We’re just a message away! First Nations Finance LLC offers loans up to $1B, fix and flip loans, multifamily loans, mixed-use buildings, and loans for mega complexes in the US and other countries.

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We are a leading Nationwide and foreign private lender .
Boca Raton FL
Investment purchase $2,121,000
Kirkland WA
Town Home Complex Construction $10,000,000
Brookfield Ma
Invest Farm Purchase $1,400,000
SouthBridge Ma
Rehab Funds $1,100,000
Davie FL
Investment Purchase $1,825,000
Bellevue WA
Construction $3,800,000
E. Meadow NY
Purchase $1,066,000

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