New Construction

Looking for Growth? Pick a New Construction

New constructions are a great investment for landlords as they cut down their bill of ongoing maintenance and the need for repairs, as is the case with older homes. Moreover, you can enjoy the brand new appliances as well as their extended warranties — because everything is brand new and energy-efficient, it doesn’t hurt as much to splurge the extra bit of money.

This type of property offers a fairly decent return on investment because tenants enjoy living in newer homes and fewer renovation projects make for a lower cost in the short and long term. Moreover, these are excellent strategies for those seeking growth — emerging markets are known to increase the property’s overall value as well as the appreciation rate. Newer constructions also help investors build equity faster in the market.

Investing in new construction real estate offers more control over the buying process and the timeline. When you buy a newly built property, the builder should be able to provide a firm closing date upfront. This is known to be advantageous for investors who are looking to buy new construction instantly or plan for future investments. Moreover, new constructions can usually be reserved with fairly low money.

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