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Mixed-use loans are a popular part of commercial real estate. The term “mixed-use” refers to a property that has dual (or more) uses. For instance, a building that has a supermarket on the ground floor and offices on the first and second floor would count as a mixed-use building. Properties like these require a specific type of commercial loan called the mixed-use property loan.

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Mixed-use property loans are meant to help real estate investors, property owners, and businesses finance mixed-use buildings. Structures that qualify for these loans typically have multiple zones for the different ways they’re used, such as for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. The loans for these buildings can be short-term and long-term and are great for refinancing or purchasing stable mixed-use properties.

Are you trying to get a mixed-use loan to finance investment for mixed-use development? While traditional lenders such as banks and government institutes are common financing options, we recommend that you give private mixed-use lending a try. That’s where our team comes into the picture.

First Nations Finance LLC is a private lending company that specializes in mixed-use property loans. Located in Plymouth, our firm is among the leading lending institutions in the country and operates in multiple cities and states. Businesses, realtors, and investors based in Los Angeles County, CA, and nearby areas can reach out to us for their mixed-use lending needs and receive the funding they need for their purchase or financing activities.  

Having been in the lending business for over 25 years, we’ve built an extensive clientele. Our lending experts work with homeowners, property owners, business owners, real estate agents, and investors who need funding for their projects or investments. We’ll guide you through the process and help you pick the right loan option for your needs. Our mixed-use loans include bridge loans, cash-out refinancing, non-recourse loans, construction take-out loans, and more. We also offer fixed loans, land and renovation loans, no documentation loans, limited documentation loans, and loans up to $100M.

Ready to get started with your mixed-use loan application? Our team is just a message away! First Nations Finance LLC offers loans up to $1B, fix and flip loans, multifamily loans, mixed-use buildings, and loans pertaining to mega complexes in the US and other countries.

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Get a Loan to Kick Start Your Mixed-Use Property Project in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA is home to one of the most innovative real estate markets in the US. Every year, hundreds of real estate construction projects are carried out in the city. One particular type of establishment you’ll often come across in LA is mixed-use properties. These properties are tough to construct, but yield a highly productive payout for the owners.

If you’re planning a mixed-use property construction or renovation project, you’ll likely struggle to fund it on your own. Mixed-use property projects are almost always large in scope, which calls for hefty investments. Luckily, mixed-use lending services are now easy to find in Los Angeles. With the help of our brokers at First Nations Finance LLC, you can secure any type of mega commercial loan you might require. We specialize in providing real estate lending services in various regions. Depending on the purpose of your project, we can help you secure industrial property loans and multi-home construction loans, too. Don’t worry if you’re running out of options because you can always get hard money loans as a last resort. These loans are tricky to get, but our experts can streamline the process for you. Reach out to our team for further information.


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