Mixed-Use Building

Much like the name suggests, a mixed-used property is a single building accommodating three or more revenue-generating businesses or significantly sized ventures. It may include retail stores, hotels, business offices, restaurants, or other forms of entertainment in the same unit. Often, residential and industrial operations are also carried out together in a mixed-use building.

Why Invest in a Mixed-Use Building? Here’s Why

Mixed-use buildings offer an excellent alternative for local businesses (i.e., through the increase in foot traffic and exposure to new clientele). Moreover, these mixed-use developments increase tax revenue, promote tourism, and encourage private investment in the proximity. It also works in favor of environmentally conscious individuals as it promotes a sense of sustainability.  

A mixed-use building is an excellent structure for diversifying your portfolio as an investor. It’s considered a safe investment as it minimizes the risks associated with renting to one tenant. In fact, a property like so benefits the investor in the truest sense as it generates higher income with longer leases.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Mixed-Use Building?

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About First Nations Finance LLC

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