Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate

First things first, the most important factor for choosing to invest in a commercial property is the potential to earn in the future. There’s also greater flexibility in lease terms and triple the net leases. Unlike residential units being subject to emotional pricing, commercial properties offer more object price evaluations that are also easier. Last but not least, the value of the investment is constantly subject to an increase for owners of commercial properties.

Commercial real estate is also an income-producing property that can solely be used for business. Commercial real estate loans are generally offered to large business entities (such as a trust, corporation, developer, or limited partnership) with amortization periods longer than the loan term itself. The loan-to-value ratio falls between 65 to 80 percent. But, unfortunately, loans for commercial projects are possibly the most troubling kind, mainly because you’re asking for a huge amount of money into an IDEA, which may or may not work. Rejections are fairly common upon unstable finance, unclear financial requirements, and poor credit scores. To put the cherry on top, there are those customized add-ons that hardly ever guarantee approval.

Tired of Loans Always Being a Hot Commodity?

With over 25 years’ worth of experience in the field as brokers, First Nations Finance LLC is one of its kind when it comes to private and commercial lending. This is your place to visit as a borrower to reap commercial loans as big as $100 million! We collaborate with property owners, businesses, realtors, and site managers to help them secure the amount they need for the construction or renovation of the property. Our most popular forms of loans offered for commercial ventures include the fixed loan, bridge loan, land and renovation loan, no documentation loan, and fixed documentation loan.

To make things more convenient, First Nations Finance LLC is more than willing to work with poor credit scores. Our financing solutions are well aligned with the needs of consumers looking to acquire multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, residential, as well as fix and flip loans.

Get in touch with First Nations Finance LLC on 774-402-4457 to discuss the commercial project that you could make the most of with our financial solutions. Alternatively, you could leave us a message via the contact form, and we’ll get back to you in no longer than 48 hours.