Apartment Buildings

Apartment building — (noun) block of apartments.

This multi-story building consists of separate residential apartments, allowing three or more families to reside in the same structure, but on different levels (or floors). Investors choose to invest in apartment buildings due to the vacancy this multi-unit investment has to offer. With multiple rental units within the same structure, there’s a greater probability of using them to offset a loss caused due to vacancy. For example, if 20 percent of the units in your apartment building are currently unoccupied, there are 80 percent still producing enough income to help you keep up with the expenses associated with the property.

Another significant advantage of investing in an apartment building is generating income at a much faster rate than any single rental unit could produce. With the purchase of just one apartment building, you can produce more cash flow and still have to spend far lesser on holding costs and property taxes as they are fixed over an increased number of apartments. The more the number of rental units on rent, the greater the income and the lower the cost — could you possibly think of a more cost-effective strategy than this?

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